Who We Are

IAFST is an International Trade Association with Membership in Europe, Canada and the United States. operations-centerThe IAFST leverages both Labor and Management to ensure optimal portfolio benefit while ensuring sustainability for all parties concerned. For years, the Mortgage Field Services Industry has been divided and without a centralized location for Advocacy, Business Development, Education and Representation. Today, that is over. IAFST represents both Management and Labor. Together, our Membership is capable of participating in active portfolio solicitation, scalability and the ability to meaningfully interact in a Mentor-Protégé setting. Building upon a constantly changing and evolving Industry, IAFST has developed ISO Standard Certifications without the pricing normally seen. We tap into the decades of experience within IAFST to ensure comprehensive coverage no matter what the skill set or level is.


The IAFST has been working closely with Labor, Management, Financial Institutions and the US Government toeducation-concept properly address the lack of both education and training within the Industry. By and through the use of both online, open source technology as well as proctored exams in all 50 of the United States and its territories, IAFST is equipped to assist both our Membership and the General Public with obtaining credentials at a fair market value. Our pricing is based upon a sliding scale and in conjunction with the Areas of Operations and Specialties in which participants are both cover and have a need for.

IAFST capitalizes upon real time data assessments to ensure that IAFST Education and Training is complaint not only with Industry Acceptable practices, but also agile methodology.

IAFST leverages state-of-the-art technology for the issuance of Lanyard ID Cards with RFID technology which verifies not only the Certifications obtained, but allows for the scanning of Bar Code, QR Code and RFID scanning from any smartphone to verify the possessor of the ID Card with a publicly accessible file. This resilient verification process ensures veracity of the check in process, compliance with law enforcement verification procedures and ultimately confidence by members of the public with respect to a safe work environment.