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Mr Salimbas is the CEO and Founder of Ally Solutions, LLC. He holds both a BS in Biochemistry and an MBA in Strategic Planning & Operations at Union College and Union University in Schenectady NY.

Mr Salimbas is an expert in creating agile business solutions, allowing companies to anticipate and then quickly adapt to today’s evolving business environment. With 17 years of proven success in Property Preservation and 20+ years of real estate and technology subject matter expertise, Mr Salimbas’ current focus is on developing automated compliance management solutions that allow companies to focus on their core business, while allowing firms to achieve the highest of compliance standard in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI). Mr Salimbas leverages a history of leadership, excellence, strategic planning, and partnership building to accelerate business performance, market growth, enhanced operational efficiency, drive change management initiatives, compliance initiatives, and deployment of new processes and technologies.

IAFST Director

When Jerry Mavellia and Dan Leader, CEO and COO for Guardian Asset Management, respectively, formed their company in 2007, they did so with the knowledge that there was going to be an increase in foreclosures and defaults that would necessitate their services. “There was a real need for repairing and restoring properties as well as preserving and preparing them for resale,” said Mavellia, who had founded his first asset management company specializing in property preservation in 1995. After selling that company, Mavellia and Leader teamed up to create Guardian Asset Management in order to provide the housing industry with what they describe as “a forward thinking, client-centric national inspection, maintenance, and repair company.”

Guardian Asset Management has held the HUD M&M FSM Contract longer than any other HUD Awardee in history. In addition, Guardian’s multi-channel approach to a complete suite of cradle-to-grave servicing of assets is a testament to the agile management under Guardian’s hood. Under the leadership of Mr Leader, Guardian has become the stand alone, Industry standard for Mortgage Field Services.

IAFST Director

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Team Building, Management, and Contract Negotiation. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Accounting from Flagler College.

Louis LaMacchia is the Founder and CEO of National Maintenance Brokers (NMB), a third-party provider of tailored solutions for institutional owners and managers of real estate assets throughout the United States.

Louis founded NMB in 2016 to address a growing demand for high quality licensed services, and in the years since has developed a network of licensed, fully insured technicians that can handle any project correctly and efficiently, resulting in lower overall client costs. As a founding member of the IAFST, Louis is an advocate for the education, development and success of technicians. He plays a vital role in the preparation of the various training programs we’ve developed for compliance, business growth, and more.