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TX HB2127

Relating to state preemption of and the effect of certain state or federal law on certain municipal and county regulation.

Introduced: 02/09/2023
In Committee: 05/05/2023
Crossed Over: 05/20/2023

Introduced Session:  88th Legislature Regular Session

Bill Summary:  Relating to state preemption of and the effect of certain state or federal law on certain municipal and county regulation.

Subject:  City Government City Government–General Civil Remedies & Liabilities County Government County Government–General Occupational Regulation Occupational Regulation–Other Trades & Professions TEXAS REGULATORY CONSISTENCY ACT

Sponsors (77):  Dustin Burrows (R)*, Brandon Creighton (R)*, Craig Goldman (R)*, Ken King (R)*, Morgan Meyer (R)*, Richard Raymond (D)*, Charles Anderson (R), Trent Ashby (R), Ernest Bailes (R), Keith Bell (R), Paul Bettencourt (R), Greg Bonnen (R), Brad Buckley (R), Ben Bumgarner (R), DeWayne Burns (R), Angie Button (R), Briscoe Cain (R), Giovanni Capriglione (R), Travis Clardy (R), David Cook (R), Charles Cunningham (R), Drew Darby (R), Jay Dean (R), Mano DeAyala (R), Mark Dorazio (R), James Frank (R), Gary Gates (R), Stan Gerdes (R), Ryan Guillen (R), E. Sam Harless (R), Caroline Harris (R), Cody Harris (R), Brian Harrison (R), Richard Hayes (R), Cole Hefner (R), Justin Holland (R), Lacey Hull (R), Carrie Isaac (R), Jacey Jetton (R), Kyle Kacal (R), Stan Kitzman (R), Stephanie Klick (R), Stan Lambert (R), Brooks Landgraf (R), Jeff Leach (R), Terri Leo-Wilson (R), Oscar Longoria (D), John Lujan (R), Will Metcalf (R), Mayes Middleton (R), Geanie Morrison (R), Andrew Murr (R), Candy Noble (R), Tom Oliverson (R), Angelia Orr (R), Jared Patterson (R), Dennis Paul (R), Four Price (R), John Raney (R), Glenn Rogers (R), Matt Schaefer (R), Nate Schatzline (R), Matt Shaheen (R), Hugh Shine (R), Shelby Slawson (R), Reggie Smith (R), David Spiller (R), Drew Springer (R), Lynn Stucky (R), Valoree Swanson (R), Carl Tepper (R), Kronda Thimesch (R), Steve Toth (R), Ellen Troxclair (R), Gary VanDeaver (R), Cody Vasut (R), Terry Wilson (R)

Last Action:  Sent to the Governor (on 05/24/2023)

Official Document:  https://capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=88R&Bill=HB2127


May have tendency to upend the regulatory scheme of the registration of vacant or foreclosed properties normally recorded by the municipal and county governments in the State of Texas. The Texas Legislature uses biennial sessions which means they meet once every odd-numbered years, for 140 days. The Texas Legislature meets in regular session on the second Tuesday in January of each odd-numbered year. The Texas Constitution limits the regular session to 140 calendar days.


Reached out to Jill Turetsky, Director of Senate Media Services, Texas State Senate, for clarification of authority and registration.

30AUG2023: A state law backed by Gov. Greg Abbott and business lobbying groups to stop cities and counties from passing progressive policies is scheduled to take effect Friday. A Travis County judge declared it unconstitutional.